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Dave Filoni’s Thoughts On Disney Buying Lucasfilm & The Future Of Clone Wars

Over at the official Star Wars Blog, Dave Filoni shared his thoughts on the big news of Disney acquiring Lucasfilm, as well as sharing an interesting point on the future of “Clone Wars,” and of Ahsoka. Here is his quote on that subject.

[blockquote cite=]”We have many stories left to tell, and every one of them came directly from George himself. Right down to the last one, where that thing with Ahsoka happens…”[/blockquote]

From that statement, it looks like Dave and George have Ahsoka’s fate all planed out, and now we just have to wait and see for it to happen in the series! Also what I found interesting was him saying, “Right down to the last one.” Reading that, it you makes you think that the last story we’ll see of “The Clone Wars” has already been set, and that we’ll find out about Ahsoka’s fate in that last story. But when we’ll actually see that story, still remains to be seen. But I was glad to read that they have many stories left to tell! You can check out the full post from Dave Filoni over at

The Star Wars Blog

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