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Dave Filoni Talks Star Wars Rebels Cameos In Rogue One

No doubt one of the coolest things about “Rogue One” was spotting all the “Star Wars Rebels” cameos and Easter eggs in the film! Now, Entertainment Weekly has a great article regarding all those cameos, with some insight about them from Dave Filoni!

You can check out what Dave Filoni said about the “Star Wars Rebels” cameos from Entertainment Weekly below, including hints about future stories that could lead into what we saw in “Rogue One:”
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“None of the things we put in really jump out at you. If you don’t watch Rebels, there’s never a moment where you’re staring at the [movie] screen going, ‘Why was that important?’ For the people who do know, they get that added level of immersion.

Chopper’s Big Screen Debut-

I was actually on set when they filmed that scene with him in the hangar. Everybody working on set knew Chopper, and referred to him the way you would about a dog. They all liked him, they think he’s funny, but they know he’s grumpy.”

The Back Story Of The Ghost’s Appearance In The Battle Of Scarif-

“I already have some theories about the story behind it. I can imagine doing that entire [Scarif] battle from their point of view, whoever is on the Ghost at that point.”

Who General Syndulla Actually Was-

“I can clarify that’s absolutely Hera being paged, not her dad. The movie gives that away, but I would rather have all the [references] be right. Hera will eventually become a general in the Rebel Alliance.”


Definitely some cool stuff from Dave Filoni here, and I’m already getting excited about some of those stories Dave is planning about seeing the battle of Scarif play out from the Ghost crew’s perspective!

Be sure to check out the full article over at Entertainment Weekly.

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