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Dave Filoni Talks Season 5 At Star Wars Weekends

Dave Filoni was a guest at Disneyworld’s Star Wars Weekends this past Saturday, and while there, he gave out some new info on season 5 that Star Wars fan siteTosche Station was able to report on. Here are some of the new info that Dave Filoni revealed:

[blockquote cite=]The Onderon arc will tie in with the formation of Rebels & foreshadow the Rebel Alliance

This will be a big year for Ahsoka

Season 5 will expand on Darth Maul & show all his mechanations as a Sith. Tough times ahead for Obi-Wan.

Ventress will pair up w/ someone more interesting than Obi-Wan.

You will see Fives again. He will be a main character.

“Sorrow can be so sweet sometimes.” – Dave Filoni in reply to Obi Wan and Satine’s relationship.

An episode of Season 5 might be premiered at Celebration.[/blockquote]

Some more cool stuff. I’m glad Fives will be coming back as a main character, but now I’m really excited about seeing some foreshadowing of the Rebel Alliance, and seeing if it will tie in to some of the “Revenge Of The Sith” deleted scenes. The more info I hear about season 5, the more I can’t wait to start seeing it!

Source: Tosche Station

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