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Dave Filoni Talks New Clone Wars Story Arc!

In a new interview with USA Today, Dave Filoni shared some details about one of the story arcs we’ll see in the “Bonus Content” of Clone Wars episodes, which looks to shed some light on the mystery of Jedi Sifo-Dyas! Here’s what Dave had to say on this new arc:

[blockquote cite=]”There are questions that are pretty big as far as it comes with the Clone Wars and things that people have wanted to know. They’re just these concepts just hanging out there, and finally we’re going to deal with them.”

“The Jedi have been fighting a war with an army that was commissioned by one of their own, Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas. But who was Sifo-Dyas, and what happened to him? The dark lord of the Sith has woven an intricate web to ensnare the Jedi, but it is not full-proof and sometimes a small clue, and a bit of chance, can lead to the unraveling of the best-laid plans.”[/blockquote]

Also in that article is a brand new clip that features Plo Koon and the Wolf Pack (in some very cool new armor) discovering Master Sifo-Dyas Lightsaber, which you can check out below.

While there were still no details revealed in the article as to when we’ll start seeing these new episodes, one thing is for sure. Clone Wars is not quite yet done giving us some amazing new stories!

You can check out the full interview with Dave Filoni in the link below.

USA Today

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