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Dave Filoni Discuses The Future Of Star Wars Rebels In A New Interview

Tonight’s new episode of “Star Wars Rebels” brought us a pretty big change for the Ghost crew, and a question that a lot of fans have been wondering lately is that  is the series starting to wrap things up for an eventual conclusion soon? The series has yet to be officially renewed for a fourth season, but in a new interview over at, Dave Filoni provides us with some updates on the status of the show, and even in his typical vague way, it does sound like we can expect more stories with the Ghost crew beyond season three.

You can check out some of what Dave Filoni had to say about the future of the series below from He does mention a spoiler from tonight’s episode at the end of his last quote, so be careful if you haven’t seen tonight’s new episode yet:
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“You always have an eye on it, and it’s tricky. I have to be honest. It’s tricky in TV having worked on a series that frankly didn’t really have an all-out end like we had planned it. I’m always a bit wary. I’m thinking, ‘Okay, where do we need this to go? Because I want to make sure that we take the audience in these Star Wars stories, I think, on this really, I hope, interesting and entertaining journey, and I want them to feel that they get a complete payoff for it, and that it’s the story that we intended.”

“From the very beginning, Simon and I, working with the writers and story group have had a goal in mind of where we would like to get to with this, and we’ve been taking steps towards it along the way, and some surprising twists and turns even to us, but we always have a goal in mind of where we want to be. So, I think we have taken some strong steps towards that with always an eye on ‘Does the adventure continue?’ So we’ll have to see. For Sabine, hopefully the adventure will continue. That would be great because then we can change her hair again. People love that.”


Celebration Orlando should be very interesting for “Star Wars Rebels” and it’s future. If I were to guess, I’d say we get one more season to wrap up everything the way Dave Filoni and his crew intended to, and then we get a brand new series. But we’ll have to wait and see to know for sure, and that just makes the anticipation for Celebration this year even greater!

Be sure to head on over to for the full interview, including other comments from Dave Filoni specifically on tonight’s episode about Sabine.

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