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Clone Wars Bonus Content May Be At Least 10 Episodes, Plus A Soundtrack May Be Released

Kevin Kiner, who has been the music composer for The Clone Wars throughout the whole series, recently did an interview with the guys over at the Full Of Sith podcast, and provided some interesting information regarding the yet to be released “Bonus Content.” Here is what Kevin Kiner had to say about him working on the “Bonus Content.”

[blockquote cite=]”We have about ten shows that we’re still working on that are going to be part of the special material. And even, hopefully, there’s going to be a soundtrack record as a part of this special material… They’re in negotiations about that so we’re not positive that’s going to happen.”[/blockquote]

So it sounds like we may at least get 10 episodes as part of the “Bonus Content.” But what’s interesting is that he said “still working on.” So does that mean there are some episodes that are already finished, and they’re still working on 10 additional episodes to finish up?  Of course nothing official has been announced about how many episodes the “Bonus Content” will be yet, but this gives us a nice idea as to how many we can expect to see. What’s also cool in that interview, is that Kevin Kiner mentioned how a Clone Wars soundtrack may be released with the “Bonus Content.” But again, nothing official has been announced, and even Kevin Kiner isn’t too sure that will happen. But hopefully it does, as a soundtrack for the series would be great to have.

Hopefully we’ll start to hear some official details about the “Bonus Content” soon, but you can check out the full interview with Kevin Kiner in the link below, which is a good listen.

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