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Billy Dee Williams Confirms He’s Involved In Star Wars Rebels

Billy Dee Williams is a guest this week at Disney’s Star Wars Weekends, and it’s being reported that during the “Stars of the Saga” show today, where Billy Dee sits down with James Arnold Taylor for a conversation about Star Wars, he revealed that he is in fact involved with “Star Wars Rebels.” Via Making Star Wars, it was first reported in a tweet by The Wolf Pack Podcast who was in attendance at the “Stars of the Saga” show today, where they say that they didn’t show a clip, but Billy Dee said “he was enjoying working on Star Wars Rebels.”

Now Billy Dee Williams doesn’t exactly say he’s voicing Lando in “Star Wars Rebels” during the show, but it’s hard to imagine he would be playing anyone else in Rebels. But we’ll have to wait and see until we hear an official announcement from Lucasfilm to know for sure.

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