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Voice Actor Jim Cummings Reveals That Hondo Ohnaka Is Coming To Star Wars Rebels

During the Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience this past weekend, voice actor Jim Cummings joined the Full of Sith Podcast for a live broadcast, where he revealed that his fan-favorite character from ” The Clone Wars” Hondo Ohnaka will be coming back in “Star Wars Rebels”! Here is what he told the podcast, courtesy of Big Shiny Robot:

[blockquote cite=]“And I think I’m allowed to tell you I’m back. He’ll be back, but we do them so far in advance I don’t know when. So you’ll just have to watch them all. I do anyway, so what the heck.”[/blockquote]

While we don’t know all the details on when and how Hondo Ohnaka will be returning in “Star Wars Rebels,” it is definitely exciting to learn that a character created for “The Clone Wars” will be making their debut on Rebels, with hopefully more to come in the future!

You can listen to the episode with Jim Cummings over at Full of Sith, where the Hondo returning to Rebels talk begins at around the 27:20 mark.

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