New Star Wars Novel Announced Titled “Kenobi”
12 Oct. 2012

New Star Wars Novel Announced Titled “Kenobi”

Today at the Del Rey panel from New York Comic Con, two new Star Wars novels were announced, including a new Han Solo book. But the announcement that’s really exciting, is a new book about Obi Wan titled “Kenobi,” which will take place not too long after “Revenge Of The Sith.” Here is a description of the new book from author John Jackson Miller’s blog:

At New York Comic-Con, Random House/Del Rey announced my next novel — and it’s big: Star Wars: Kenobi! It’s a hardcover release for late 2013.

Kenobi is a sweeping story that’s part epic western, part high-stakes drama, part romance — but it’s all Star Wars, taking place in the early days of Obi-Wan’s exile to Tatooine. I shouldn’t expand too much beyond what Random House said on its panel and Facebook page, but I can say this. I’ve been working on this concept for years — I’ll talk more about that process later on — and the basics are pretty simple. The greatest hero in the galaxy faces his toughest challenge yet: He must stop being Obi-Wan — and become Crazy Old Ben.

Now I haven’t read every Star Wars EU novel, but this news has got me really excited, as I can’t wait to read a new story about Obi Wan during this time period!

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