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Tiya Sircar Talks Sabine’s Past In A New Interview

IGN’s Eric Goldman continues his series of “Star Wars Rebels” interviews with the cast and crew, as today a new interview with Sabine voice actress Tiya Sircar was posted. In the interview she talks about Sabine being an explosives expert as well as an artist, how she can’t wait for the audience to learn more about Sabine’s past, and much more. You can check out a portion of the interview below:
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IGN: She’s got an interesting mixture of specialties. Is that cool for you when you kind of realize all the different facets to her – an explosives expert but then there’s the tagging, artistic element?

Tiya Sircar: Yes. We had a sort of boot camp with [executive producer] Dave Filoni initially. Our first meeting he kind of wanted to dive in and give us all the run down. “This is your back-story.” Not fully fleshed out but here’s a taste of where you’re coming from, how you’ve come to this place, and why you’ve joined the rebellion. So at that moment, I started learning more and more. Now of course I’m even more familiar with the character and more stories about her but yeah, I was like how cool that this character is, first of all, a female character within the Star Wars universe which is awesome. Secondly, she’s a Mandalorian, so that’s way awesome. But thirdly, she’s not even a regular Mandalorian that you might be familiar with. Yes she’s a munitions expert and she blows things up and she’s good at it and she enjoys it but she’s this artist and she sort of incorporates that into all of her work. So, the Rebels attack the Empire and she leaves a special signature to let the Empire know who’s attacked them. Certain explosives are done in beautiful explosions and things like that. And I’m realizing more and more that she’s kind of a unique character within the realm of Star Wars. You don’t necessarily have a lot of characters that have this dichotomy, I don’t think. You would know better than I! So I think she’s really special. I think she’s great.

IGN: I know you can’t give away things that are coming in the pipeline but clearly your character, the Mandalorian thing, how it makes people think of Boba Fett…. There’s so much fan intrigue and excitement about that whole element. Are you excited about the possibility of finding out more about her specific Mandalorian history?

Tiya Sircar: Yes. Dave has given us each a little bit of background as to what happened in our pasts and how that brought us to this point in time. Each of our backstories, actually, I would say, they’re pretty heavy-duty subject matter. It’s not light fare. Particularly with Sabine, obviously because I’m most familiar with what’s happened to her, it’s serious stuff. I’m actually really excited to get to explore that more and for the audience to kind of learn more about her and where she’s come from. Man, it kind of gives me goose bumps what he’s told me about what’s happened in her past. I can’t wait to get into that stuff because it’s definitely not fluff. It’s pretty serious stuff.


These interviews are really making me more intrigued to learn about these character’s pasts! Definitely can’t wait to see these stories in future episodes. Be sure to check out the full interview over at IGN, where she also talks about how she got the part, and Sabine’s interactions with Ezra.

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  • Mark Monahan

    There is a lot to play with, in Sabine’s backstory, looking forward to it.

    December 17, 2014 at 9:58 am
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