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Tiya Sircar Talks Sabine In A New Interview. Plus Two New Images From The Trailer!

With the announcement of the “Star Wars Rebels” trailer premiering on May the 4th, USA Today has just posted a new interview with actress Tiya Sircar, who will be voicing Sabine in Rebels, as well as revealing two new images from the trailer, which gives us our first look at some Stormtroopers and Wookiees! Here is a portion of the interview, as well as those new images from the trailer:
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“I love her. She does everything with flair,” Sircar says. “When she’s blowing stuff up, she’s doing it artfully.”

Each of the main characters have a powerful reason to be fighting “The Man,” she adds. “Sabine’s, I can’t wait for people to find out why she’s part of this Rebel crew. It’s serious stuff.”




Really can’t wait to see the trailer! The Stormtroopers and Sabine look awesome! Be sure to check out the whole interview with Tiya Sircar over at USA Today

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