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Titles For The Next 5 Episodes Of Star Wars Rebels Revealed

The return of “Star Wars Rebels” is almost here with the airing of “A Princess on Lothal” next Wednesday January 20th, but today we also got the reveal of five more episodes that are set to air over the next two months that give us some hints as to what to expect later this season!

You can check out the episode titles below, via Star Wars Underworld:
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2×13 “The Protector of Concord Dawn” airs on January 27th
2× 14 “Legacy of Lasan” airs on 3 February
2 × 15 “The Call” airs on February 10th
2 × 16 “Homecoming” airs on February 17th
2 × 17 “The Honorable Ones” airs on February 24th


“The Protector of Concord Dawn” should sound familiar, as it is a planet that we’ve heard mentioned in “Clone Wars.” It was the home world of Rako Hardeen (The bounty hunter Obi Wan went undercover as) and in the old EU, it was Jango Fett’s home planet. So I’m guessing this episode should be the one where we see Sabine return home to Mandalore as we saw in the season two trailer, given Concord Dawn’s close connection to Mandalore in the past. And “Legacy of Lasan” sounds like it will focus on Zeb, which is an episode that has been a long time coming for this season!

Other than those two episodes, it looks like we’ll have a few weeks to speculate on what’s in store for us in the second half of “Star Wars Rebels” season two!

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