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Titles For The Final Four Episodes Of Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Revealed

Every week we’re getting closer and closer to the end of “Star Wars Rebels” season two, and the eventual showdown between Ahsoka Tano and Darth Vader. And now thanks to Jedi-Bibliothek via Making Star Wars, the titles for the last four episodes of the season have been revealed.

Throwing out the spoiler warning in case anyone doesn’t want to know anything from the titles of these episodes, as they give a pretty good indication of what we can expect to see.

Spoilers Below

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S2E18 “Shroud Of Darkness” March 2

SES19 “The Forgotten Droid” March 16

S2E20: “The Mystery Of Chopper Base” March 23

S2E21″Twilight Of The Apprentice” Part 1 March 30th

S2E22 “Twilight Of The Apprentice” Part 2 March 30th


It also looks like the season two final will be an hour long when it airs on March 30th, which is definitely great to hear, as it would be real hard to wait another week to see the story of Ahsoka and Vader unfold!

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