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Star Wars Resistance: Meet The Ace Pilots Video

Today Lucasfilm has released a new “Star Wars Resistance” video featurette that showcases a new group of characters from the series that are being dubbed “The Ace Pilots.”

You can check out the video above, where we are introduced to the new characters Torra Doza, Hype Fazon, Griff Halloran, Freya Fenris, and Bo Keevil, with tons of new footage that shows off the beautiful animation of the series.

After watching this new video, I have to say I’m already liking most of these new characters that make up the Ace Pilots. Probably even more than the first batch characters introduced in the first video. They all have great unique character and ship designs, and I’m already interested in learning more about the backstory for some of them. Namely Griff, Freya and Bo.

Also revealed in an article over at USA Today, but not shown in the video, was one of the new villains we will see in the series, the crimson armored TIE Fighter pilot named Major Vonreg, voiced by Lex Lang.  In regards to Major Vonreg, Dave Filoni says that “Every time we have a villain pilot, we would talk about, well, is this our Red Baron? And finally it’s like, let’s make one red all out. It seems to fit with the First Order, since they seem to really like that as a color. If the good guys have aces, the villains need them, too.”

I’m really liking what I’m seeing from “Star Wars Resistance” the more that gets revealed for it, making the premiere on October 7th that more exciting!

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