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Star Wars Rebels Updates From Star Wars Insider #147

Star Wars Insider #147 is starting to hit mailboxes for subscribers, and in it’s new column for Star Wars Rebels called “Frontline Update,” we got some new updates to where the series is currently at in production right now from Line Producer Athena Portillo. I just received my issue today, and thought I would share those updates:
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-They are currently halfway through completion on season one scripts.

-They have voice recorded five episodes so far.

-Storyboarding is currently being done on three episodes.

-Two episodes are currently being animated.

-They are currently lighting their first episode.

-Sound designing for effects are being done, and a main theme for the show has been composed.

Well it sounds like production for the show is moving along nicely, and I personally can’t wait to hear the new theme song for the show! Stay tuned for more updates on Star Wars Rebels as they become available, right here at the Rebels Podcast!

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