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Star Wars 1313 Descent To The Underworld Video

Sorry this is a few days late, but there was a new developer diary video for Star Wars 1313 that was put online during Celebration VI, which gives us a short behind the scenes look at the game. While there is no new footage shown of the actual game, we do get to see some cool new concept art, as well as hear the the developers talk about about the environment and tone for Star Wars 1313.

Hopefully we can look forward to several more videos like this leading up to the game’s release.

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  • Ayoub

    I’m in shock you’ve got two 100% true answers so far. I’m sure you will get otrehs that tell you to watch them in the order of 1 6 but, and no offense intended to them, they just don’t get it. Yes, ep 1 3 are the back story for ep 4 6 BUT you’ll have no idea what they are referencing to in ep 1 3 if you haven’t watched ep 4 6 first. Also, as the otrehs said, you won’t be able to feel the emotions from these movies that show just what a great story it is if you watch them 1 6.There is a scene in ep 5: The Empire Strikes Back that was voted as the # 4 most shocking revelation in the entire history of film by SAG. To this day I remember what happened in the theater I was in to see this movie for the first time and heard Darth Vader utter 5 words that turned the whole story on its collective ear absolute silence you could have heard a pin drop 10 miles away. Bear in mind that the theater was packed full of us rabid fans to stun us silent is a big deal lol this lasted for about 10 seconds until someone stood up and yelled Liar at the scene yeah it happened just like that that set the rest of us off with He’s lying Luke , Don’t believe him etc. All of us yelling at the screen I guess it was one of those had to be there moments but what a moment !!! This went on until Luke made his decision and the we cheered him on. These movies grabbed the people of my generation and said You think that was cool watch this There are 6 live action movies, 1 animated movie, 2 animated TV series and a live action TV series set to debut in the fall of 2010.I wouldn’t bother worrying about the animated stuff at first watch the 6 live action movies and then you can go back for the animated stuff which is actually pretty good stuff that adds a lot of background info to the story as a whole.In short this is the order:Episode IV: A New HopeEpisode V : The Empire Strikes BackEpisode VI: Return Of The JediEpisode I : The Phantom MenaceEpisode II : Attack of The ClonesEpisode III: Revenge Of The SithYour parents are right this is one of the most iconic stories ever told some hate it but most like it. Welcome aboard and to steal a line from Obi-Wan Kenobi You’ve taken your first step into a much larger world .May The Force Be With You .

    December 28, 2012 at 6:46 pm
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