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Reveal Of All Celebration VI Badges

Today over  at the official Star Wars blog, the artwork for all the 19 different  Celebration VI badges have been revealed. Here’s a quote from the official Star Wars blog describing the theme behind all the badges:

[blockquote cite=]Unlike most cons that use the same boring badge design with minor color variations for every type of attendee, Star Wars Celebration is known for its badge collections, with over 15 badges — each with an artist’s fresh take on classic characters.

To fit Celebration VI’s “Join the Party” theme, artists Chris Trevas and Brian Rood came up with 19 new character designs featuring famous faces from a galaxy far, far away celebrating Celebration. From a moustachioed Droid general to a balloon wielding bounty hunter![/blockquote]

While most of the badges are pretty humorous, there are some where the characters just look too silly for me. Like Darth Maul in a party hat, and General Grievous with a twirling mustache.

You can check out the rest of the different badges over at the official blog in the link below.

Star Wars Blog

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