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New Clip Featuring The Inquisitor & Kanan In A Lightsaber Duel!

USA Today has gotten an exclusive clip from an upcoming episode of “Star Wars Rebels” that shows more of a very cool Lightsaber duel between Kanan and The Inquisitor! While this clip mainly focus on the Lightsaber duel, there is a big spoiler in this clip that you will notice in the background, and there is a piece of dialogue that reveals Kanan’s master to those who haven’t read “A New Dawn” yet. But if you don’t mind some spoilers, you can check out the awesome clip below!

It looks like the Inquisitor is gonna have an awesome debut on “Star Wars Rebels,” and I cant wait to see more of hm! Be sure to check out the full article over at USA Today for some words from Dave Filoni on the Empire and the Inquisitor.

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