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Highlights & Recap Of The Clone Wars Comic Con Panel

The Clone Wars Comic Con panel was held today, where supervising director Dave Filoni and writer Matt Michnovetz (who wrote the Umbara arc) were on hand to reflect on season 4, and to discuss what we can expect in season 5!

A detailed recap of the full panel can be here at, but here are some of the highlights of the panel that have to deal with season 5:

[blockquote cite=] The season premiere will be shown at Celebration VI.

Darth Maul might not keep his Raptor legs.

Boba Fett will not be in season 5.

We’ll see how much Obi Wan actually knows about Anakin & Padme.

Dave on Obi Wan for season 5: “Yeah, he took a pounding last year. You understand at the end of this why he lives in the desert alone!”

We’ll see a Republic Commando this season. Who will do a lot.

We may see Sidious deal with the problem of too many Sith in the galaxy.[/blockquote]

Some pretty cool stuff. While I’m sure we’ll learn more about season 5 at Celebration VI next month, the information revealed today, plus the two clips that were shown, has me more than excited for season 5!

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