18 Feb. 2010

Frontlines: Episode 39

Artoo says the chances of a new episode are seven hundred seventy-five… to one. Actually, Artoo has been known to make mistakes… from time to time. And this is one of those times, because her comes another episode of Frontlines: The Clone Wars Podcast! Mike and Matt return with news from New York Toyfair, recap the episode “Dutchess of Mandalore”, read your emails and more! So close the shield doors, cuz it’s cold as Hoth out there, and it’s time for another Frontlines: The Clone Wars Podcast!


Oh, and if you’re wondering why this episode was late, here’s why:

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  1. grievousfan91 says:

    Great picture Mike!

    By the way, those chances of survival were 725 to 1.

  2. Mike says:

    Weird… My book of Star Wars quotes says it’s 775…

  3. SatelliteFeed (Denis) says:



  4. Obiwan94 says:


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