09 Nov. 2009

Frontlines: Episode 28

or “The Krienkecast!”

krienkecastThat’s right folks, we’re back! But this week things are a little different as Michael takes a sick day, and Matt takes over to recap the episode Landing at Point Rain. That, plus collecting news, your emails and more this week on Frontlines: The Clone Wars Podcast!

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  1. grievousfan91 says:

    Great episode Matt, you did a great “Solo” job. Get well soon Mike!

  2. jtennis says:

    Just got into your podcasts. Extremely well made and very insightful and interesting commentary. I have to agree with grievousfan91 and say you did a great solo job. Can’t wait for the next installment! Thanks!!!

  3. the krankster says:

    Thanks GF91! Its not as easy as it might appear:)

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