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First Look At Darth Vader In Star Wars Rebels!

As we eagerly await to see the appearance of Darth Vader in the special extended airing of “Spark of Rebellion” on ABC in a few weeks, you can actually get a sneak peek of what Vader will look like in the series right now, as a short trailer for “Spark of Rebellion” was shown on ABC last night, and none other than Darth Vader himself David Prowse tweeted out a low-res image from the trailer that shows the Sith Lord! You can check out the image below, but if you want to remain totally surprised until you see the special airing of  “Spark of Rebellion” to see how Vader will appear and look, you might want to hold off on looking at the image.

Spoilers Below:


To put it bluntly, Vader looks awesome! I had a feeling he would just be appearing as a hologram, but that doesn’t make it any less cool!

The special extend  “Star Wars Rebels” premiere movie “Spark of Rebellion” airs on Sunday, October 26th on ABC.

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