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Description For The Sixth Episode Titled “Breaking Ranks” Has Been Revealed

Another description for an upcoming “Star Wars Rebels” episode has been revealed over in Germany at the site, and has now been translated via Jedi News. The description is for the sixth episode titled “Breaking Ranks” that will bring in some new characters into the series. You can check out the description below, but there are some details that could be considered some minor spoilers if you want to remain completely surprised while watching the episode:

Spoilers Below:

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Breaking Ranks

“The Rebels send Ezra under a false name to the imperial academy to steal a decoder. There he meets two new friends: Zare and Jai, who belong to the best cadets like himself. When Ezra discovered that the emperor will call the best to himself, he and the two others are trying to escape from the academy. But as they get close to succeed, Zare changes his mind and wants to stay in the academy, because it’s the only way how he is able to find his lost sister.”


The shot of Ezra at the Imperial academy from the second trailer we got at Comic Con back in July has always stood out to me, and had me wondering what the story would be about for that particular episode when we got to it. So now that I finally know what it will be about thanks to this description, it has become an episode that is one of my most anticipated now!

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