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Dave Filoni Talks “Rise Of The Old Masters” In A New Interview

IGN’s Eric Goldman had the chance to do a great new interview with Dave Filoni about today’s new “Star Wars Rebels” episode of  “Rise Of The Old Masters,” where he talks about a lot of intriguing topics that were in the episode, and even gives a tease by mentioning Ahsoka! You can check out a portion of the interview below, but there are major spoilers from the episode included in the interview, so if you haven’t seen the episode yet, you’re gonna want to hold off on reading it until after you’ve seen “Rise Of The Old Masters.”

Spoilers Below:

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IGN: We come to realize that the Inquisitor has used this lure before. This has been an ongoing way to get people. So was it just figuring out what would he do – and how someone like her would be the perfect trap?

Filoni: Absolutely. It became an interesting way also to tell the story of what probably happened to some Jedi Knights, Jedi survivors. Order 66 didn’t wipe them all out. Some of them were captured and probably executed later, which is what you see the holographic recording of. It’s actually Luminara’s execution in that chamber. She’s used for a very nefarious purpose. It was kind of a nice way also to tie to the prequel era to use Luminara. A lot has been made of our ties to the original trilogy, but I am not a Star Wars fan that would ever ignore the prequel trilogy. Let’s face it, it’s been my bread and butter for the last decade. I love the prequel era. So it’s important to show, as much as how the Empire built up, what it destroyed and it destroyed a lot of these characters and they got caught up in it. Luminara was a really good lure. We wanted a character that you would know, that kids who had watched Clone Wars would probably actually know. That’s why she got picked over other Jedi. We talked about the continuity of it, that she was dead, and it works out fine, actually. It’s just a really active way of telling the story of the end of some of the other prequel Jedi and that Kanan would believe some of them are alive is actually also really interesting – and that he knew Luminara, but not really, is also a believable thing. I love that story. It was just a matter of how effective we could make it.

IGN: Can you talk a bit more about that recording?

Filoni: Literally, what you see in that hologram, is her sitting, waiting to be executed. It’s a recording of that event. So when they walk in and see her, they’re actually standing where the Inquisitor was standing [when it was recorded]. And so when she walks up and looks at them kind of distantly and not very friendly, she’s looking at the Inquisitor and that’s what the recording is of. Then she steps over into that chamber and obviously she gets killed there. It’s really wicked when you think about it. The material of her body is the essence that Kanan is somehow sensing through the Force. But he knows there’s something off about it. But since he didn’t really know Luminara, he doesn’t really know. That’s one of the interesting things about death and then the dark side and all these different ways you can use the Force. The sensing of people is one of the biggest dilemmas, I think, in all of Star Wars, because people want to use it like a metal detector. I am very, very certain that it really just relates to how much you know somebody and intention of threat. You take those two things and combine them. So of course when Obi-Wan arrives in the Death Star, Anakin knows about it. Obi-Wan’s intentions are fairly clear, what he wants to do. He even, I think to some degree, knows he’s going to face Vader. And they knew each other so well, they were so close. It’s like a battering ram.

I had a really interesting conversation once with George [Lucas] about sensing the Force. It was in regards to… Well, it would have been in regards to Ahsoka. It was an old talk he and I had at one point about Ahsoka and Darth Vader and what she would think of that whole situation… but we’ll have to leave that for another time.

IGN: That’s a question many of us have!

Filoni: A little good tease there. Not that she’s around! …Who knows where she is? [Laughs]


Be sure to check out the full interview with Dave Filoni over at IGN

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