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Celebration VI: Star Wars 1313 Panel Highlights

Celebration VI is now in full swing, and both Mike & Kyle are out on the show floor hitting the many different panels! One of the first big panels to be held on day one was the first Star Wars 1313 panel. Kyle was in attendance for that panel, and here’s what he had to say on what was shown at the Star Wars 1313 panel:

[blockquote cite=]”They showed the recent gameplay trailer and a couple behind the scenes videos about the development team behind the game an the Coruscant underworld environment. One of the developers also played a live demo of an early level of the game and it looked awesome! It was the same level that all the footage we’ve seen so far has come from, but there was some new stuff in there as well. They also hinted that we’ll see familiar characters in the game, and that certain characters in the demo may be placeholders for characters they aren’t ready to reveal yet (Boba Fett perhaps?).”[/blockquote]

It looks like there wasn’t too much new info announced at the panel, but the comment about certain characters in the demo just being placeholders is definitely interesting. Here’s hopping we see several classic bounty hunters show up in the game such as Boba Fett like Kyle mentioned.

Celebration VI is just getting started, so stay tuned for more news and panel highlights here at Frontlines!

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