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Celebration VI: Description Of New Clips Shown From The Clone Wars Panel!

The first Clone Wars panel from Celebration VI that had new preview clips of season 5 has just wrapped up, and we have your descriptions of those amazing clips that were shown! Below are the descriptions of the clips Dave Filoni brought with him by Kyle, who was in attendance at the panel:

[blockquote cite=]1st Clip– There was a very Avatar-looking battle taking place on Onderon. We first see rebels hiding in trees, and then see some of the rebels that were riding, walking, and on flying creatures ambush an army of battle droids. The rebels are winning until droid gunships show up and start blowing them away. We then see Ahsoka and Lux retreat with the rebel leader.

2nd Clip– This was a scene shown in Anakin’s bedroom in the Jedi temple. Anakin and Obi-Wan have a tense discussion about Anakin’s feelings for Padme.

3rd Clip– We got to see R2 and several other astromech droids, along with a tiny alien Republic officer, flying a ship through a comet shower.

4th Clip– A continuation from the 3rd clip, we saw those same droids on a planet escorted by a clone commando, who fought off battle droids while R2 & friends snuck past them.

5th Clip– Maul, Savage, Vizsla, Bo Katan & Death Watch landing at a Black Sun fortress on Mustafar, and then meeting some Faleen gangsters.

6th Clip– The last clip was on Mandalore, and showed Bo Katan and a few other Mandalorians rescuing a captive Obi-Wan from several other Mandalorians in red-painted armor.

After the last clip, A surprised guest came out and talked about Clone Wars for a few minutes. The surprised guest was none other than George Lucas!! The Crowd went ballistic when he came out.

They than showed the new trailer which included some of the stuff in the clips, along with new episode 3 Jedi starfighters, Ahsoka dueling an armored dark Jedi who looked a lot like Ventress, Darth Maul in red and black mandalorian armor, A red clone commander gunning down super battle droids, Yoda talking about someone trying to destroy the Jedi temple, Anakin getting jealous of Padme and Rush Clovis, and probably the coolest shot of the trailer, Sidious dueling Maul and Savage with TWO lightsabers!!![/blockquote]

Wow! Lots of awesome stuff seemed to be shown at this panel, and then to have George Lucas make an appearance there as well, just might have made this panel the highlight of CVI! From the descriptions of those scenes and the new trailer, season 5 looks to be the best season yet for Clone Wars! I absolutely can’t wait to see Sidious battle with Maul and Savage. That’s going to be an amazing sequence!

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  • Beau Preston

    Why did I not get the stupid four day pass. Luckily I was at least able to see the premiere which totally blew my mind.

    August 25, 2012 at 5:00 pm
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