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5 Things I Would Like To see In Season 5

After what was a great 4th season of The Clone Wars, and as we head into the summer eagerly awaiting the start of season 5, I’ve been starting to think to myself about some things I would like to see happen this upcoming season. So after thinking about it, I have come up with a list of the top 5 things I would like see happen for this to be a really cool season for me personally. So without further ado, starting with number 5, here is my list of the 5 things I would like to see happen in season 5 of The Clone Wars:

[center]#5. More Arcs Featuring The Big Three[/center]

Besides the slave arc, and the first episode of the Rako Hardeen arc, there weren’t too many episodes in season 4 that featured the big three characters of The Clone Wars series working together. The big three of course being Obi Wan, Anakin, and Ahsoka. These three characters have developed such great chemistry with each other over the course of the series, and after seeing some great episodes like the Mortis trilogy and the Citadel trilogy in season 3, which featured all three characters, I was hopping for more episodes like those ones to be in season 4. I have to admit though, I wasn’t the biggest Ahsoka fan in the first season season, but she has matured so much since then as both a character and as a Jedi, that she has now become a great character who I think is at her best when she is teamed up with both Anakin and Obi Wan. Not only does seeing the three of them together make for some great character moments, but watching the three of them in battle together using their Lightsabers, we would now get to see them be a real force to be reckoned with. We already knew that Anakin and Obi Wan were great swordsmen, but after seeing Ahsoka’s Lightsaber skills grow as well (especially after we saw her take out five members of the Deathwatch with one swing) the three of them working together in combat would now make them a real lethal combination against their enemies. Not to mention it also makes for some killer action sequences, which I’m sure is something we would all enjoy seeing throughout the course of this upcoming season.

[center]#4. A New Story That Deals With Anakin & Ahsoka’s Relationship as Master & Apprentice[/center]

As the series’ timeline moves closer to the events of Revenge Of The Sith, we will no doubt start to see some hints as to what Ahsoka’s ultimate destiny will be once the series concludes. While I don’t think we’ll get a major reveal as to what will happen to Ahsoka in season 5, I do hope we get a new story arc that deals with Anakin and Ahsoka’s relationship as Master and Apprentice. Their relationship has already grown substantially from when they first met in The Clone Wars movie, as we no longer hear the nicknames as much, or the constant bickering they would have with each other in the first two seasons. But for season 5, I would like to see a story that adds another layer to their Master and Padawan relationship. One that either draws them closer together, thus making it hard for Anakin to deal with what ever happens to Ahsoka by the end of the series, or one that pulls them apart, where maybe Ahsoka starts to lose faith in her master, and causes some distrust among them. While I don’t know how Anakin and Ahsoka’s relationship will play out by the time the series is over, I am pretty confident that George Lucas and Dave Filoni will give us some satisfying stories that will lead to the end of their Master and Apprentice relationship. I just hope we to get to see one of those stories in season 5.

[center]#3. Repercussions From The Umbara Arc[/center]

The Umbara arc from season 4 was not only my favorite arc from that season, but has become one of my favorite arcs from the entire series. There were some major things that happened in that four part arc, which just begs for more episodes to deal with the aftermath of the whole Umbara event. We saw a Jedi leave the order and betray his troops for personal gain, we saw Clone Troopers come under friendly fire and then take matters into their own hands, we saw a Clone kill a Jedi, and we also saw at the end that Rex is starting to question if there is even a point to the whole war. These are events that would have some major repercussions, and I would be disappointed if we don’t see any of those repercussions before the end of the series. While Dave Filoni has said in interviews that we will learn more about order 66 in some future episodes, I would love to see the events that transpired on Umbara play a part in those stories, as well as playing a part to how the Clones respond to order 66. But what I would really like to see, and hopefully in season 5, is how exactly did the Jedi council react to the betrayal Jedi Pong Krell? I think the betrayal of Krell should be treated as a major concern for the Jedi Council, and not one that is forgotten and never spoken of again. It would no doubt give them concern about the other Jedi generals who are fighting in the war, but also maybe even cause them to be concerned about the Clones. Who they now know can kill a Jedi. A Jedi who was supposed to be one of the best. While I don’t think we need a whole new arc dealing with the repercussions from Umbara, I just hope we get mention of it in season 5, and in future seasons. Maybe there could be a scene in the Jedi temple where the council makes mention of Pong Krell’s betrayal, or maybe we could see a scene in a new story arc that deals with Rex, where he is confiding in Anakin his doubts about the war, and the loss of trust he may now have with some of the Jedi because of the events of Umbara. Regardless of how it’s done, I just hope what transpired on Umbara is not forgotten, and that those events do get mentioned again. And if it happens this upcoming season, well that will no doubt be a very cool moment for me in season 5.

[center]#2. Clone Troopers VS. Deathwatch[/center]

This is something that I really want to see from a visual standpoint. Without a doubt, Star Wars has the coolest looking costumes designs, and besides Darth Vader, to me there are no cooler costume designs than that of the Mandalorians and the Clone Troopers. Ever since I first learned that the Mandalorians would be making an appearance in the show during season 2, having them in a battle with the Clones is something I’ve been dying to see! We didn’t get that in the season 2 Deathwatch arc, and we also didn’t get that in last season’s great episode “A Friend In Need.” But when Dave Filoni announced that season 5 would have a major Deathwatch arc, my excitement for the possibility of a Clone Trooper Deathwatch battle grew again! While we don’t know what exactly the new Deathwatch arc is going to be about, I just can’t help but think of how cool it would look visually to see a giant battle between these characters with such awesome armor and helmet designs. While this is mainly something I want to see because it would look so cool, I think it can also make for a cool story, where maybe you would have Deathwatch look at the Clones as a disgrace to the Mandalorians, since they are cloned from Jango Fett, whom they may not view as a true Mandalorian. Hopefully the third time is the charm, and I’ll finally get the battle I’ve been dying to see since season two. And if it does happen, I will no doubt be rooting for the Clones to take out as many members of Deathwatch as possible, and be the victors of the battle.

[center]#1. Sith Lords Reunited[/center]

Now that Darth Maul has made his return known to the Jedi, and has already had his rematch with Obi Wan, there is just one more encounter that he needs to have, which for me would probably be the highlight of season 5. This of course would be his reunion with his former master, Darth Sidious. One of my favorite lines from the season 4 finale “Revenge,” was when in response to a mention of the Clone Wars, Maul said in a disappointed tone, ” So it began without me.” That line got me intrigued right when I heard it, as to how much Darth Maul was part of Sidious’ overall plan, and I just hope we get more insight into that story point with an encounter between these two characters. What I also really want to see in season 5, is how Darth Sidious reacts to Maul’s return, and how Maul now views his former master. There are a lot of Dark side users who were once trained as Sith apprentices on the loose in the galaxy now, those being Maul, Savage, and Ventress. Will Sidious view Maul and Savage as a problem to his overall plan, and want them eliminated? Or will he let them be, and use them to further distract the Jedi? Or did Sidious know the whole time that Maul was still alive? With Sidious’ being in touch with pretty much everything that goes on in the galaxy, you just never know how he’s going to use these different situations that pop up for his own personal gain. As for Maul, it would make sense for him to act like a true Sith and try to kill Sidious, so he could become the new Dark Lord of the Sith. But he still seems to have great respect for his master, as he said in the finale that he was apprenticed by the most powerful being in the galaxy. With him saying that, I’m not entirely sure if he would take out Sidious right away. There’s a lot to speculate when you think about Darth Maul and Darth Sidious reuniting for the first time in over 10 years, and it gets me excited about the potential of a really cool story arc that deals with these two characters. Could we possibly even see a Lightsaber duel between Maul and Sidious? Where Sidious would put Maul in his place, and show him who the true Dark Lord of Sith really is? For me, that would just be the icing on the cake to what possibly could be the highlight of season 5!

So those are some of the things I would like to see happen this upcoming season, but I would love to hear what everyone else wants to see for season 5. Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Bethany

    I agree! I especially hope we can see the repercussions of the Umbaran Arc. It seemed strange to have such a powerful arc, and no repercussions.

    June 11, 2012 at 8:20 pm
  • Tim Geraci

    Exactly! Here’s hoping they’re saving that for this upcoming season season!

    June 11, 2012 at 10:19 pm
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