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Frontlines: The Clone Wars Podcast is a podcast devoted to all things Clone Wars, but particularly the television series on Cartoon Network and CTV.  Each episode host, Michael Cohen, discusses the Clone Wars in depth, along with his rotating cast of co-hosts, including Steve Glosson of Geek Out Loud, Derek Russell of Starkville’s House of El, and others.

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Friends of Frontlines

Arkangel Wulf Studios – They produce the show, so of course we’re thankful for that.
AWS Creative – AWS does all of the podcasts graphic design work.
Geek Out Online – The Official Blog of Steve Glosson, and home to the Geek Out Loud podcast.
Skynext – A podcast devoted to the FOX series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.
Starkville’s House of El – A podcast devoted to the CW series Smallville.
10th Wonder – A podcast devoted to the NBC series Heroes.