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The Clone Wars To Start Airing on Toonami

The Clone Wars is set to return to Cartoon Network, as it has been announced that the series will be joining the Toonami block starting on August 17th. While the announcement of the show airing on Toonami was officially made on the Toonami Tumbler page during a fan Q&A, there were some other interesting details about the showing airing on Toonami that were made, including the possibility of them maybe airing the Bonus Content. Below is a recap of the Toonami Q&A that focuses on The Clone Wars, from the website

[blockquote cite=]They also stated they would be skipping kid friendly or slow episodes (namely anything involving the Senate and Jar Jar Binks) focusing more on the episodes more memorable and action heavy. Toonami also said they’re trying to get their hands on the uncut episodes from the show along with airing episodes in their original 2.35:1 aspect ratio. Also they are looking into if they can air the Bonus Content of episodes that were finished, but never aired.[/blockquote]

Some interesting stuff. We’ll see if them being able to air the Bonus Content ends up happening, but having The Clone Wars air on Toonami will be a nice addition to the classic action block series.

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