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Star Wars: The Old Republic Expansion Trailer

Today at EA’s E3 press conference, A new trailer for an upcoming expansion for The Old Republic was shown, which features a lot of new content for the game. Such as:
[list type=”plus”]

  • New Space Mission. Space Station Assault.
  • New Operation. Terror From Beyond.
  • New Companion. The Assassin Droid HK-47.
  • New War Zone. Ancient Hypergates.
  • New World. Makeb.
  • New Playable Species. Cathar.
  • New level cap and combat abilities.
  • [/list]
    Also announced was that staring in July, the game will be free to play, up until level 15. You can check out the announced new content, and the new trailer in the video above. While I’m not a huge MMO player, and have yet to play The Old Republic, there looks to enough cool new content in this expansion to keep players busy in the Old Republic universe.


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