Some Possible New Details About Star Wars Rebels
24 Jun. 2013

Some Possible New Details About Star Wars Rebels

Some possible new details about Star Wars Rebels have emerged, which may have more to do with the title than just the formation of the Rebellion. According to the website Bleeding Cool, they are reporting that Star Wars Rebels will focus on a group of teenagers. Here’s a portion from the article over at Bleeding Cool that talks about the main characters for Star Wars Rebels:

The title of Lucasfilm’s upcoming animated series Star Wars: Rebels is loaded with extra meaning.

Not only is the show about the formation of the Rebel Alliance, taking place in the narrative space between Episodes III and IV, the title also riffs on the main characters. I’ve learned that most of them are teenagers. Rebellious teenagers? Well, that’s the reference, at least.

Star Wars has often been about teens. All of Luke’s first scenes are generation gap stuff, and the Anakin story saw him turning to the dark side when at his most hormonally fluctuous. It’s really the norm for Star Wars to be about youth.

Of course no official character details have been announced by Lucasfilm yet, but this does seem like a possible direction the show could take with it’s characters. There is also a rumor that Mark Hamill may be involved with Rebels as a voice actor, but that should just be taken as a rumor for right now.

Hopefully we’ll hear if these details get officially announced at Celebration Europe net month, where we’ll get a sneak peak at Star Wars Rebels. But until then, you can check out the full article of this story in the link below.

Bleeding Cool

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