26 Jul. 2009

Clone Wars: Season Two Trailer!

Definitely “Faster, More Intense!”

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  1. SateliteFeed (Denis) says:

    To quote a young Anakin: “Yippieeeee!”

    The war is in full swing, the bounty hunters are on the loose causing havoc, the skirmishes and battles are on a larger scale AND Mandalorians!

    Star Wars Clone Wars for the win!
    (Also great job on the new logo and webdesign Michael. Looks fantastic.

  2. adam says:

    my only question is what happened to askoha??

  3. Captain Rex says:


  4. anakin2 says:

    I agree this is FASTER MORE INTENSE!!!!!!!!!!! How about some space pirates? Looks like action!!!!!!!!!!! I think I will love it.

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